Fan Noise from amateurradiokits case kit #bitx20help


I purchased a Nextion 3.5" cabinet kit from amateurradiokits DOT in.
The case came quite complete with all the cables/connectors, etc. but a little lacking in assembly instructions. (I am a kit builder and figured it out, well pretty much.)

I build the kit in sections,
1st    Basic Radio Ver. 5 with 2-line LCD in the case. (worked well)
2nd   Installed/Upgraded to the Nextion Display (Very nice addition)
3rd   Audio amplifier board (Little problem here, the amplifier IC was bad. Corrected and audio quality is MUCH better than with the LM386.)
4th   AGC board with VU meter (Had problems here with calibration. I found an alternate cal procedure buried (VERY Buried) in the documentation and all went well)
5th   Fan and Heatsink kit (Still have problem here, see below...)

The Heatsinks were too tall and I was afraid they could touch the grounded top case.
They would clear the case top but, if any pressure was put on the top I felt it would possibly touch so I milled .125" off and all was good. 
BTW, my IRC-510s are in sockets which raises them about .25".

The fan is another issue.
The instructions do not indicate how/where to connect it.
It is a 12 volt brushless type. I decided to connect it to the power switch, Unit On-Fan On.
I get terrible audio interference from the fan.
I was going to try moving the fan to the outside of the metal case or possibly connect it to the Transmit side of the TR relay, Transmit-Fan On, Receive-Fan Off
Possibly try another brushless fan, maybe the one I got has a problem.

Has anyone else built this kit and had a similar issue? 

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