Re: Using FT8 with Bitx40 (and microphonic problem). #bitx40 #ft8

Robert D. Bowers

It's in receive mode only, and somehow coming from the main board.  It is also volume-dependent - the louder the volume, the louder the 'ringing' (actually sounding a bit like an echo chamber).  Up to about 1/2 volume, it's not an issue or even noticeable.  Tapping on components didn't narrow it down that much - somewhere in the middle of the board is about as close as I could get.

I DID pick up a single PSK31 transmission last night - too bad that mode seems to have largely faded away (at least on 40) - it's great for 'weak signal' work - especially if you want to ragchew.  If I remember right, PSK31 isn't dependent on which sideband is being used.  I'm using FLDigi for PSK (and may try other modes), which I think can be set to work with either sideband (worth asking).

I've heard people on the radio, but any attempts to be heard have mostly been futile (only a couple of partial contacts made).  I do know I'm putting out signal - shows up on a meter.  Antenna is a dipole at 50 ft... works fine with my main radio (an ancient TS-520).  I don't know what the issue is - but only two partial contacts in hours of trying - that's not good.

The BitX40 is perfect for emergency communications - I've got it in an old movie film case (like tool box) with battery and external DSP noise filter (also provides 20db or more of AVC - still not always enough) and speaker.  I think I have enough parts to cobble together a little antenna tuner and SWR meter to fit in the case as well.  An easily transportable station in a small (only slightly heavy) box!

On 10/17/19 6:16 AM, Vic WA4THR via Groups.Io wrote:
I have found the BitX40 to be a nice SSB rig and I am curious about your feedback problem. Are you hearing yourself through the speaker when transmitting? What microphone are you using?


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