Re: 5w on 40 meters

Dave Dixon

Hello John,
                    Thanks for your reply,i own a home made radio which has full qsk and a dream to use it was produced by 2 uk amatuers in 1983 and is called the OMEGA,theres a picture of it on my qrz page,it runs 10 watts and has awsome cw filters,it weighs in at 10 kilos,all the pcb boards are housed in diecast boxes interconnecting with each other via feed through capactors and rg 174 coax,the low pass filters are enclosed in a brass sheild box and the pa is also sheilded,the radio has a brilliant receiver and was my main station until the arrival of the bitx Version 3 and now my new one the Version 5 I dont own any beams and only use a off centre fed dipole as i live in an area of conservation,i dont run any other modes than cw and have been 100% cw since 1990,you can read all about my exploits on my qrz page,I dont hunt dx and take what comes out of the speaker,i read the mail on this site with interest but have no qualms to change anything at all on any of my radios.Im waiting to hear of any news when the QSX gets released on the for sale market. have a 40 mtr qcx im impressed with.Regards Dave G0AYD..

On Thu, 17 Oct 2019 at 13:27, Curt via Groups.Io <> wrote:

all very cool!  your ubitx pair seems have not gotten the 40m malady (its not that huge) that affects maybe just a small number of our rigs.  has me wondering what the producibility difference might be.  the only sources of stray part leakage that folk have cited are the 45 MHz inductors and the stock relays (either inside or outside the part as its mounted). 

honestly this matter had no impact to me until I started mods to remedy v4 SSB spurs. 

I have done a decent amount of CW on the ubitx - I was addicted to it for months.  crazy when I have rigs with much better QSK but I got used to its behavior.  I did work a little DX with it on 40m SSB using my vertical.   


if you are interested, monitor your 40m CW power while you touch those 45 MHz inductors.  I can tune mine up to around 10 watts based upon how I touch the inductor!  all pointing to taking my v4 to the bench some day to try some shielded inductors.  I will check signal strength in receiving a nearby 10m beacon before and after.  don't know how soon I will get to this surgery. 


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