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You are welcome to join my HOMEBREWERS at and talk any radio topic!

Its a low traffic group.


At 17/10/2019, you wrote:
I just saw it as a chance to reach several thousand hams on a subject that could impinge on most of us. I did not realize that the group's focus was that narrow.

So, I'm done.

Jack, W8TEE

On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 10:56:53 PM EDT, Christopher Miller <djmalak2k6@...> wrote:

Why bother having a topic or moderators if its just going to be anything that has to do with amateur radio? It’s obvious that this is not related to the Bitx or uBitx. Jack, why not take it to a group where it is relevant? Sure, I can just mute this but why have rules to keep things on topic? Lets just post whatever we want and you can just deal with muting all the off topic stuff.


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