Re: 5w on 40 meters

Dave Dixon

Here are my results on my V5.
80...14 watts.
40..  10 watts.
30    9 watts.
20    10 watts.
17 to 10 mtrs 5 watts.
the only mod is fit the cw keying resistors and a 5 inch TFT screen.
worked indonisia on 9th october 2019 with 579 on 40 mtrs;
verified via eqsl.

I also have a V3 with 2 line blue lcd this delivers
17 watts on 80.
14 watts on 40
11 watts on 30.
12 watts on 20
 9 watts on 17.
 7 watts on 15.
 5 watts on 10..
again no mods only the cw resistors.
Im very impressed with both radios.

all my radios are home made from kits..
i dont own any commercial radios at all save for a 2 mtr fm transceiver
thats the only microphone in the shack..
Aerial is an off centre fed dipole at 25 feet.



On Wed, 16 Oct 2019 at 23:46, Maurice Bersan via Groups.Io <> wrote:
So I decided to check the output of my stock v5. These are the results CW.
80m  18w
40m    5w
30m    14w
20m     10w
15m     7w
10m      4w
Used two different power meters and two different dipole antennas and two different tuners. I don't have a lot of test gear so any clues as to where I should start looking?
Thanks in advance

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