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Ken Hansen


When this topic came up here in Texas on the local ARRL section mail list/reflector, I encouraged everyone that is engaged in EmComm to take this opportunity to reach out to their serviced agencies and organizations and ensure everyone understand the needs and offerings of each, and that the current relationships are mutually beneficial. To me, that is the take-away from this story.

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Ken, N2VIP

On Oct 16, 2019, at 15:01, Jack, W8TEE via Groups.Io <> wrote:

If I were living in CA, I'd think this is a very BIG teapot. If I lived in OR or ID, I'd still see it as a huge teapot. From a legal precedent standpoint, I think all hams in any state who face similar leasing controls should be concerned, especially since the general public probably doesn't see or understand what's going on.

Jack, W8TEE

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