Re: Using FT8 with Bitx40 (and microphonic problem). #bitx40 #ft8

Robert D. Bowers

Thanks.  I've got a working radio and don't want to mod it (I have no use for CW and want it pretty much stock) - I was hoping to learn of a setting in WSJT-X to make it work with LSB.

(I'm sick of having to work on stuff - long story - and would just like to be able to operate - and actually make some contacts.)

On 10/16/19 6:06 PM, Viktors Miske wrote:
See if I get this on the right post this time. (Smartphone not too bright).
Did a quick Google search, found this...

On Wed, Oct 16, 2019, 5:54 PM Robert D. Bowers <n4fbz@...> wrote:
I have a rock-stock BitX40 that I'm trying to get running with FT8 - I've pretty much given up on using this for sideband, as much as I wanted to have a portable 40m rig.  However, FT8 requires upper sideband, and the BitX40 is lower sideband only.  I'm hoping to get FT8 going with it (maybe even PSK31), so I can use it.  It seems sensitive enough, and for FT8 (or other protocols), the power out should be sufficient.

Is there some way to get WSJT-X to function with lower sideband?

Also, a minor problem - the radio board is microphonic when the audio is turned up.  I've gone crazy trying to find the source - it's somewhere in the middle of the board - but I can't find where (no matter how much I tapped with a non-conductive object.  Trying to use the radio for SSB - the feedback is very irritating - like an echo circuit.  (It would be nice to be able to use the radio as intended - if I can get through/past the Kilowatt crowd.)

Any suggestions on what component might be the problem?  (At lower volume levels, you just about cannot tell that it's there.)


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