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Jack, W8TEE

No, it's not a hoax and the ARRL has info posted on it:

ARRL officials who have also looked into the situation agree that it’s been blown out of proportion by parties with their own agendas.

“The State of California has not made any determination we can find ‘that Ham Radio [is] no longer a benefit,’” Pacific Division Director Jim Tiemstra, K6JAT, is quoted on the Sacramento Valley Section website. “What happened is that CAL FIRE has transferred responsibility for its communications sites to its property management department. That department has the task of evaluating each site, its condition, use, and tenants. If a repeater not known to be associated with the emergency management function of a local jurisdiction is found in a CAL FIRE vault, the default action is to move it out or subject it to commercial rental rates.”

“Our contact in the California Office of Emergency Services suggests that, if any affected repeater is in any way involved with local emergency or government support activity, they should ask that agency to engage with CAL FIRE concerning the repeater. If the agency makes the case, there is a good chance that the repeater will be unaffected,” Tiemstra added.

ARRL Southwestern Division Director Dick Norton, N6AA, has been responding to inquiries with the same message.

I find the section in yellow particularly nettlesome because it looks like a state-agency pissing contest is brewing and that is almost never good for the party in the middle.

Jack, W8TEE

On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 10:55:23 AM EDT, Joe Puma <kd2nfc@...> wrote:

Hi Jack,


I read that exact article and similar others on the web was a hoax. I really don’t want to dig up where I read this info, it was on other email lists or maybe even Facebook, but I did hear that this info was a hoax.





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I think you're wrong, Ken. Just because it doesn't directly pertain to someone in Europe doesn't mean those in the US--a fairly large number, BTW--shouldn't hear about it. I'm assuming that those who are not interested in the thread are smart enough not to read it. Also, the US is replete with examples of "one state" setting precedent for other states to follow. Nipping that trend in the bud is often critical and, to do that, one needs to know about the gathering clouds on the horizon.


I don't apologize for the posting and see it as keeping fellow hams informed about something that might bite them in the butt down the road.


Jack, W8TEE


On Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 11:01:42 PM EDT, Ken Hansen <ken@...> wrote:



As an international mail list (reflector) threads like this don't belong here.


It's specific to one state of one country, and there are literally dozens of more suitable venues than this for any discussion of this subject.


How does the policy of CalFire in California, USA Regarding repeater space on public land n the state of California impact the Lithuanian trying to assemble an HF station based on a uBitx or Bitx40?


It doesn't.

Ken, N2VIP

On Oct 15, 2019, at 16:35, Arv Evans <arvid.evans@...> wrote:

Jack, W8TEE


Jack, W8TEE

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