80m transmit stopped working, all other bands fine #ubitx-help

Don - KM4UDX

After 4 months of almost 24/7 wspr operation with a high percent of TX time, the 80m TX has failed.

All the other bands are great. And on 80m, the TX/RX relay snaps like it should, just like it does on all the other bands, but there is no RF output.

I know I have (over?) used my beloved uBITX with 24/7 WSPR operation. And now I have a failure.

Is there a debug process I can use to isolate the fault, or is it 99% likely to be part ______?

I have just a DVM for test equipment. so no fancy RF probes, and no scope. Guidance oh wise ones?

Just fyi, here is a chart of my WSPR spot 2-way rankings by month. I think I have plateaued.

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