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iz oos

Hi Raj, yesterday when I tried to join the Antuino group I got the answer that my email was already added. But apparently I am not receiving the emails.

The version I have was built in late August and It showed values if I remember right (I have not it here right now) - 19 or - 21db depending on frequency. It is clear to me how to plot and see the readings on different frequencies but I cannot see how to measure the insertion losses eg. Maybe I have just to study the whole messages I missed on the Antuino group!

Il 16/ott/2019 13:18, "Raj vu2zap" <rajendrakumargg@...> ha scritto:
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Set your center freq, select SNA mode.
Connect filter input to the top (antuino OUT) connecter and filter out to bottom (antuino IN) connector.
click Plot.

The plotted graph has a cursor at the center, you can move the cursor with the knob
and take readings at different spots.


At 16/10/2019, you wrote:

I mean the loss in db within the passband of the filter. Or a loss in a cable.

Il 16/ott/2019 12:17, "iz oos via Groups.Io" <and2oosiz2=> ha scritto:

Hello Folks, finally Antuino knocked to my door! I have played with it plotting bandpass and notch filters. Nice and practical, however how do I determine the loss of my filters in terms of db using Antuino? Can you provide a simple example so I can get the trick?

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