Re: Ubitx and raspberry all in one. Digital mode FT8 - IK1ZVJ. #ft8

Ken Hansen

Yes and no.

It sat on the table at the recent Belton Hamfest in Texas for two days before I bought it.

Considering what I paid for it ($70), it wasn't cheap, but it also wasn't snapped up by Collins collectors. It's a nice shell with nothing inside it, nothing more - it's not a sacred relic, and it's an easily obtainable item in the collector world.

(My view of the Collins market is obviously skewed by my proximity to Collin's Richardson facility and the number of friends that are former Collins employees, much like I suspect the used Drake market is around Dayton, Ohio.)

Ken, N2VIP

On Oct 14, 2019, at 9:43 AM, GM4CID <gm4cid@...> wrote:

´╗┐┬áKen Hansen,

Please don't butcher the Collins cabinet, it would be very sought after and cherished by a Collins collector.

73, Bob GM4CID

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