Re: BitX/uBit Raduino Replacements

Michael Hagen

A few weeks ago I got requests for Raduino replacements.

I sold the available built and tested units I had for BitX and uBit.

I ordered new PCBs, so now I have RaduinoX for BitX and RaduinoUmax for uBit.

These are the "better" replacements, and have lots of nice features, but remain exact replacements.

I also have about 20 new PCBs of each, for anyone who wants a Bare Board.

Contact me direct for Info :



Mike, WA6ISP

Mike Hagen, WA6ISP
10917 Bryant Street
Yucaipa, Ca. 92399
(909) 918-0058
PayPal ID  "MotDog@..."

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