Ubitx and raspberry all in one. Digital mode FT8 - IK1ZVJ. #ft8

felice biassoni

The project stems from my passion for digital modes. The union between ubitx and raspberry works well. The LCD screen is mounted on an old CD mechanism so as to obtain automatic ejection. The project includes a dual power supply with a built-in power supply and battery power for portable use. the commutations foresee the functioning only of the ubitx, only raspberry, together to use the digital modes. On the raspberry WSIT-x are loaded for FT8 and FT4 and FLDIGI for PSK and RTTY.

The enclure is a rack 3U (9 cmx40cmx43cm).

Video on Youtube at the link:


For info:

felicebia at  gmail dot com

Ham call: IK1ZVJ Felice info qrz dot com

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