Re: Multiple I2C devices with Raduino

Rob French (KC4UPR)

Thanks, Jerry.

Yes, that was super interesting to me, especially with that Teensy 4.0... very fast!  However, it sounds like there may be some issues with attaching the audio adaptor to that, and/or perhaps issues with the Rev D audio adaptor that is suppsed to mount to the Teensy 4.0.  Currently, I have a Teensy 3.2 with the Rev C audio adaptor.

How slow is slow?  Right now, my Teensy doesn't talk to the Raduino at all... it just does DSP, and I "control" it via serial commands from the my computer.  My plan for controls is that the Teensy will have it's own set of encoders attached to it for adjusting filter selections/parameters, and it will periodically receive commands from, and send status to, the Raduino.  Commands would be along the lines of "switch to SSB filter", "switch to CW filter", etc. and status would be maybe a 10 Hz (max) update of brief information on the display (such as showing which filter is selected, providing a menu entry for a parameter to adjust, etc.)

Totally agree it would be nicer to have all firmware on one processor!

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