ubitx mic Icom HM-219 #ubitx


I have an 8 pin mic connector wired in to the ubitx.  Will an Icom HM-219 electric mic work?  I can't get transmit to trigger.  Current wiring is: pin 1 = mic + (purple from ubitx), pin 7 mic - (blue ubitx), pin 5 ptt (orange ubitx).  I have seen a reference to put pin 6 to ground.  What ground?   Jumper to wire 7?  Chassis ground?  First build of a ubitx v3 and wasn't even sure it would work correctly after seeing the board when I replaced the required smd parts, but it is working so far.   CW key does throw it into transmit, and the transmit worked with the original mic plug.  Thanks for any help.  Regards, Lisa Davis  KC9BG

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