Adjustments using uBITx Memory Manager


Hello from CA!

I’m running the CEC Ver. 1.200 Firmware in my uBITx Ver. 5 radio.

I successfully adjusted the Master Calibration using uBITx Memory Manager until  I ‘zero-beat’ WWV at 10 MHz.

Thanks Ian for the great program!


But, in 40 meters, in CWU mode, when my LCD says 7.050 MHz, my transmitted signal peaks at 7.050.69.  Should I adjust this?

In CWU mode, when I zero-beat a received 7050 MHz signal my LCD shows 7.050 (of course, since it's zero-beat, I cant hear it)


In CWL, when my LCD says 7050, my transmitted signal peaks at 7.049.08

In CWL, when I zero-beat a received 7050 signal, my LCD says 7.050.19


I have attached a screen-shot of the settings on my radio that I have been adjusting using uBITx Memory Manager.

Can anyone give me advice on which settings I should change to operate properly and how to do it?  I think I'm getting closer but in CWU, I transmit on 705, I'm a little off and then I to adjust RIT way down in order to hear them come back to me. 
Thanks for the help so far.  I’m learning and making progress!



Martin, AJ6CL

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