Re: Swapping Nano's


Fellow uBITx Enthusiasts:

Attempting to load the CEC firmware to my spare Nano…

I setup the Arduino Web Editor/Create platform/IDE, and successfully loaded the “Blink” program to my Nano, to be sure my PC and Nano are communicating.  I even changed the rate of the blink.

I downloaded the uBITx-1.20 zip file and imported it to my library.  Under the “ubitx.h” tab, I noticed that lines 25 to 35 seem to already be set to support the stock, unmodified uBITx and stock screen, which is what I’m using.

I clicked on the box with the check-mark (“Verify and Save”) then the box with the arrow to upload to my Nano, but it didn’t load and I got an error message saying “‘getBtnStatus’ was not declared in this scope”.

The Blink program is still running.

Does anyone know where my glitch could be?  Did I skip a step?

Sorry for my rookie questions.  So far, I’ve already learned a lot from you all and I appreciate the help.

Martin, AJ6CL

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