Re: uBITX full design

Lawrence Galea

The inductance of the strip together with its capacitance to the board could have formed a series resonant circuit shorting your RF.

On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 5:27 PM Jonathan Kayne, KM4CFT <jzkmath@...> wrote:
Thanks for all the information regarding the building of the uBITX. I am more so curious about how the RF trace layout was done. I previously built the mcHF to master SMD soldering, and I found that one of the bands didn't work because RF wasn't going through a trace for some reason. I had to solder a piece of wire to fix it. What it essentially meant is that trace layout on a PCB is a little more complex with RF.
Also, it would give me more KiCad design experience. I mean, my school pays for these types of projects, so personal projects I can go all out really.

-Jonathan, KM4CFT

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