Swapping Nano's


I’m quite new at this, so please be patient.  I haven't done much with Arduinos yet, but I'm learning...

I assembled my uBITx v.5 and it seems to work OK.  I'm quite happy about that!  It has the stock screen that came with the kit and the stock firmware.  I have two questions:

1. Exactly what do I changes in the CEC Firmware v. 1.2 should I make before uploading it in order for it to run properly on my stock Ver.5 uBITX?  I've read Ian's thread from 2 April 2019, but I want to get this exactly right.  I am not sure exactly how to make the changes I need in order to use my stock display or how to tell the firmware I'm using a Ver. 5 Board. in my uBITx. 

Which display do I select and exactly what characters do I delete or add in front of the display's name in order to select it? 

For the my Ver. 5 Board, do I simply type a "5" at the end of the line reading:
"#define UBITX_BOARD_VERSION?"  Is there a space between the "VERSION" and the "5?'

2. I have a spare Arduino Nano.  Can I upload the CEC v. 1.2  firmware to the spare and plug it into the radio and use it, then unplug it and re-insert the original Nano with the stock firmware back in, and use it too?  I mean, can I swap out Arduinos with different Firmware and still expect the radio to perform normally?



Martin, AJ6CL

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