Re: BFR93w availability in US



I am remembering that the v5 board contains different transistors for the 45 MHz amplifier with a higher Ft (aka higher gain at 45 MHz).  I get it that he worked the spur level in bite sized pieces.  I can't speak too loudly since I have not have time to fix my own v4 in this problem, but sensing the pain of ordering 2 parts is why I suggested to Barry to try everything else first, and that shielding the leakage into the 45 MHz may be a bit more important than this amplifier type.  I haven't looked at the 45 MHz filter on v5 - does it still use toroids? 

I am thinking that implementing all of the v5 fixes on a v4 board will not necessarily - or likely cure its ills.  my conclusion is that it is easier to cure a v4 board if you are willing to sacrifice several watts of CW output -- I decided I could not do that, and I don't need 15 to 10 meter SSB just yet with scarce sunspots.  So I suggest that fixing the harmonics is a higher priority now - and here in the US we do have a supplier selling a kit to do that. 

enjoy your radiations


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