Re: Calibration #calibration

Wayne Leake

 Regarding the USB cable that fits the raduino, at least the earlier versions, I found it to be the same as the one that came switch my NIKON DSLR camera.
I bought a second cable on Ebay, that is the same.
 It is NOT the same as the ones found inmost stores. Those are a bit different, and fit most android cellphones,etc.
 I have a variety of those that I bought at the Dollar Tree.
 I don't know what the newer Raduino's take,only what the early version that most older Arduino NANO takes
 Some stores that sell NIKON and maybe some other cameras would have the cable,albeit, usually at a higher price.
 There is a big difference in the end that fits the NANO/Raduino compared to the more common type that fits most Androids.

 Wayne WA2YNE

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