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Ben Miller-Jacobson

I'm not really faulting you for using a mnemonic that was a product of the times, but this is a case where litterally anything else would be just as good and "not politically correct" ends up meaning something more like "makes the hobby just that little bit less inclusive, for no benefit in particular". Wikipedia offers a whole page of alternatives.

On Wednesday, September 25, 2019, _Dave_ K0MBT wrote:
I bought one used and had similar trouble. Turns out that the pull up resistor used in it was 470Ὡ. I doubt if it was the resistor put in by the manufacturer, I think the original assembler may have used the 3 significant digit code instead of the current 4 significant digit code

Maybe not politically correct but this is how I have remembered the resistor code for past 50 years.
B(ad ) black 0
B(oys) brown 1
R(ape) red 2
O(ur) orange 3
Y(oung) yellow 4
G(irls) green 5
B(ut) blue 6
V(iolet) violet 7
G(ives) grey 8
W(illingly) 9
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