Re: uBitx mic trouble: ptt always on #ubitx #ubitx-help

_Dave_ AD0B

I bought one used and had similar trouble. Turns out that the pull up resistor used in it was 470Ὡ. I doubt if it was the resistor put in by the manufacturer, I think the original assembler may have used the 3 significant digit code instead of the current 4 significant digit code

Maybe not politically correct but this is how I have remembered the resistor code for past 50 years.
B(ad ) black 0
B(oys) brown 1
R(ape) red 2
O(ur) orange 3
Y(oung) yellow 4 
G(irls) green 5
B(ut) blue 6 
V(iolet) violet 7
G(ives) grey 8 
W(illingly) 9

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