Re: uBITX full design


On Mon, Sep 23, 2019 at 08:34 AM, Lawrence Galea wrote:
Did you ever think of making available a raduino with switching for every one of the 10 HF bands so that one could use external BPFs instead of the ones on the board or perhaps a program for those who want to change the original software to do so?
Or is there any programmer on this list who is willing to do it?
Thanks to all
Likely no as its too great a change to the Raduino and the ubitx.

The existing version is at best good for 8 bands if one uses TXA,TXB,TXC asĀ 
a binary band select along with an external decoder chip like 74138 (3-8 decode).

If one is willing a ground up build and a improved raduino-like approach would be doable.
The trick with the Nano is using a I2C display to free up pins and readjusting what pins are
used where.


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