Re: Collection of knowledge about CEC firmware? #firmware

Herman Scheper

You all have  a lot of points!!!


Now I learned about Mark’s 5” Nextion version…first thing I did was downloading it….Testing next week because my Raduino is ‘passed away’ a few days ago.

Farhan sent me a new one !

My fault!!


Hope It will be better than the version I use now…







Van: <> Namens Mark Hatch
Verzonden: maandag 23 september 2019 18:41
Onderwerp: Re: [BITX20] Collection of knowledge about CEC firmware? #firmware


Jeff does have a point. And as Don pointed out, it is a wild-wild-west situation with info actually in four places:

  1. KD8CEC website
  3. This group
  4. Ubitx groups (there are 2) on facebook...

Yes, google is your friend, *if* people believe that KD8CEC has become the default for GUI user interface, then even Google has a hard time sorting things out.

For example, the 5" Nextion file on KD8CEC's site is just the 2.8" screen, and doesn't fill the screen. The 5" screen on is also a resized version. The best (because I wrote it ;-) ) sits on the file section. But there is at least one more 5" screen that I am aware of that was crafted but I have lost the pointer...

Although only Ian can answer, it is my impression, from the lack of activity on the KD8CEC software, that he has moved on to other projects. We owe him a debt to get us this point. But we are now on our own....


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