Re: uBITX full design



now after reading your QRZ listing I see you are a student, not working on a faculty project idea, but a personal project for your program there. 

as Jerry mentioned, the full component BOM is available.  even if they shipped you a board, still not a worthy student project to assemble a ubitx.  there are some things that could be expanded, like adding VHF capability (the existing 45 MHz may not be so good).  I have a paper where KK7B (a prof) has related HF layout to microwave MMIC chip design.  so some analogous learning is indeed possible. 

Jerry gave a nice description of the board.  An EE named Allison has separately commented on optimizing the PA portion - and she went out and designed a better PA layout assisting Hans Summers at QRP-Labs (they currently offer this PA kit over there).  Years ago a prof somewhere got his students to build a QRP rig, Norcal 40A maybe.  I see you already built a McHF so I don't see a lot of upside to you building your own ubitx from scratch.  likely you have already dug into the nifty synthesizer components that are a key piece of modern QRP likes ubitx and QCX. 

best wishes in your study and remaining time at that nice (rather Hokie) venue.


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