uBITX full design

Jonathan Kayne, KM4CFT

I am trying to see if I can do a full assembly of the uBITX, that is, I want to start with a BARE PCB and hand solder on the SMD components. 
I was wondering if the KiCAD files were available or perhaps a BOM so I know what type of transformers are being used.
I am planning on using it in a school project, so that's why I am asking.
I am more than happy to reverse engineer the PCBs if need be.
Also, I was wondering if there was anything particular I would need to know about the trace layout for the boards. Is there a ground plane on the bottom layer with the other traces on the top? (I couldn't find pics of the bottom side so I wasn't sure)
Any help would be much appreciated!
-Jonathan Kayne, KM4CFT
Virginia Tech Electrical Engineering (RF and Microwave Concentration)
Virginia Tech ARA Vice President

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