Re: Collection of knowledge about CEC firmware? #firmware

Don - KM4UDX

Jeff -- the doc is "distributed".  Meaning it is a wild wild West situation. Google search seems the only (poor) tool to identify CEC-related  doc, vids, discussions. But others know better and someone is always able to say...oh that file is here in location XYZ, obviously. 

I took the MM displayed values as exactly reflecting current config parameters.  While simple, having a semi-gui interface to uBITX parameters is heavenly. To be able to read,c  write, reboot, observe/play, then repeat as necessary, was a revelation.

On WSPR, you might want to read up on the WSJTX doc describing the WSJTX freq calibration procedures.  These process within wsjtx are the most wicked clever bits of code/processes i've ever encountered. Yes, I don't get out much. Hahah.  The CEC software essentially implements a short hand version of the same process in WSJTX. So, if you understand how WSJTX does it, you will be most likely be able to figure out how CEC does it. 


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