Re: [ENA1J-B28-L00128L/

Wayne Leake

 John Scherer,
 the encoder you have is way too pricey, at over $52.xx each.
 I have a couple of nice low priced ones, with a breakout board, and several without the board that were way cheaper by far.
 I figure to use one with the Raduino, and another with a different Arduino,to control an si5153a, or whatever the number is, instead of the 10K or 100K pot.
I'm way behind,due to being held back by a combination of illness and having a number of things pop up, including losing a truck and some supplies when the truck decided to burn up last April 3rd.
will be working with BITX40's and a BITX20 ( I'm assembling it on a bare board pair).
 I love the idea of using the rotary encoders.
Glad to see a bit more information on them.
 Wayne WA2YNE
Imperial TX

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