Re: Accidental Calibrate #ubitx #calibration


I am just an ignorant beginner in amateur radio.  I hope someone can answer my plea for help.

I assembled my uBITX (v.5) and put it in an enclosure.  It works!  I am very happy!  My first real building success!

The receive sounds great.  My local HAM friends tell me that my transmitted CW sounds good too.

The problem is that the signal they receive is not on the frequency shown on my LCD.  Also, they transmit on a certain frequency, but I must tune to a different frequency to hear them.  Both my receive and transmit frequencies are different from what shows on my LCD.

Can I solve this by “calibration?”

I read some threads here and it seems that others have solved this problem but to a new beginner like me, the steps are not clear.  I’m not really experienced with Arduino or Raduino, but I’m eager to learn.

I know it’s a big ask, but, is there someone who might write a step-by-step detailed procedure for “calibrating” for a new beginner like me?  Including the very basic steps?  I’ve read some of the threads of those who have accomplished this.  I know I can do it, but I need a little help…

Thanks for all the great advice and help so far.  This forum has gotten me on the air and I have learned so much!

Martin, AJ6CL

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