Re: Calibration #calibration


Thanks for replying to my request for help. See the following link:
I am going to update my firmware to KD8CEC 1.061 or 1.072 because KM6SN put together a very well done manual and it documents exactly how use the new firmware.
The tune up and BFO adjustments have been improved in the new firmware. I am now waiting for a USB to Mini cable I just ordered for my laptop to Arduino Nano firmware update. I think that KD8CEC has corrected a lot of things and he also has a path forward for some great mods. Gonna add BCI filter, AGC fix and a 700 HZ cw filter. I think a lot of the problems have to do with not having AGC. I live in an area that has a lot of AM broadcast stations so the BCI filter should get rid of the interference. I like CW so I will put in the audio 700hz filter from the 4 State QRP club.

Have Fun....
Dave N8KZ

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