Re: uBITX rotary enconder

John Scherer

I know this is an pretty old post but I have some info that might help others too.  I have been playing with a modified version of that exact code on Jim's (W0EB) wonderful BITeensio board with a Teensy 3.6 processor, and I'm able to read my 1024ppr optical encoder pretty much as fast as I can spin it.  The 1024ppr encoder is pretty useless for the uBitx unless I added routines to divide the ppr (way)down, but I also have several ENA1J-B28-L00128L encoders which I do plan on using in my uBitx.  These are very nice and have square wave output and no de-bounce needed.  Now I just need to figure out how to replace the existing encoder non-interrupt based routine with this code..

On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 12:01 PM, Michael Monteith wrote:
After I saw the post and responses I was wondering too.  I ran across this that might help.  If nothing else it helps with doing fast digital writes.

Quadrature Encoder too Fast for Arduino (with Solution)

If you do this let me know. 

73, Michael

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