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Skip Davis

Well said David, I can spend hours reading, noodling, and building little projects and gain great satisfaction form it all. I don’t have to make hundreds of contacts but the one or two made with the latest gadget really puts a smile on my face and warms the heart. I believe there are far more hams out there tinkering with these rigs and projects than you see in the various reflectors and blogs. Just look at the numbers of these rigs (and ones like it) that are sold. 
I’ve got to tell you this stuff does interest the young ones too, my nephew was fascinated with my small portable station I brought with me while visiting my sister. 
From I life long tinkerer, I still pull out one of the first direct conversation receivers I built and scan the bands just to listen. 

Skip Davis, NC9O

On Sep 20, 2019, at 06:48, David Wilcox via Groups.Io <Djwilcox01@...> wrote:

Dying hobby? Never!  How do you send a CQ on a cell phone and make a friend or at least a contact?  Can you build your own cell phone or even a Windows or Apple computer at home with parts any more?  Not without being a real NERD (nothing wrong with that..... NERDs are welcome in this hobby.  

The gray hairs are from the OTHER stresses in life.  A few minutes in the shack or an hour..... brings a big smile to my face and heart..... and I then sleep like a baby. That really irritates my XYL of 45 years (who no longer enjoys her hobbies.... sad).

We just need to get these curious kids into our shacks and let them see the fun stuff we do (I hope you are doing INTERESTING stuff in your shack..... not just sitting there talking on the local net).  Ever been to a maker faire or a robotics competition and seen the smiles on the kids faces....... reminds me of the days when I and my two buddies got our Novice tickets.....  well, we can do the same thing with Arduinos and other chip computers..... just have them look on Bangood or 3rd Planet Solar for interesting things.  My grandson loves to see Papa because I always bring something for us to build and he is only 11. 

Just my $.02 worth.

Dave K8WPE since 1960.

David J. Wilcox K8WPE’s iPad

On Sep 20, 2019, at 5:29 AM, KN4SMO via Groups.Io <dtb2greenville@...> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I did learn about uBitx and Antuino in this news article and I ordered both yesterday.  I am a Technician Class Operator Studying for my General here in the USA. I sm hoping by the time I have this radio build to perfection the bands will be open again!
I look forward to diving in deep to this project with everyones help

73s KN4SMO Scott
2x Beofeng BF-F8HP

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