Re: Flipping Nextion display in software? #firmware #nextion #ubitx

Ben Miller-Jacobson

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I don't have convenient access to a Windows machine. I've been able to run the nextion editor in Wine, but it just gives an error ("the method or operation is not implemented") and does nothing when I try to compile.

I don't suppose anyone either has a fix or feels like compiling a flipped version for the 2.8 inch basic model? If not, I'll just have to see what I can figure out and maybe get started with the radio using it upside-down in the meantime.


Ben Miller-Jacobson

On Monday, September 16, 2019, Sam Tedesco wrote:
Yes, you can. If you have the .hmi file, open it with the Nextion editor, select Device on upper right hand of command ribbon, select Display on left, select 270 horizontal, and recompile. I compile mine upside down so the sdcard port is reachable on the top.

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