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You are absollutley NUTS to offer it for $20   ASSEMBLED.   That is very little over what the  PARTS cost us.   

never again will I solder one together----I'm just ordering from YOU!!!! 

Because there is a ground plane, you may even get away with not enclosing this, but you'll do better if you just screw the board to a small piece of wood (or double-stick-tape to some cardboard) and put it in a small tea tin or something.   I found tin boxes for $2 each.

If you make the TX gain ccontrol a 500-ohm panel mount, you'll have much better control of the TX signal....  That's what i do for HF.  For VHF, the little trimmer works fine.   

i use the $5 Adafruit 1475 cound card, and I literally drill a hole and solder the wires to the right places, after I pop apart the white plastic, of course.   See here:​  They are not great soundcards,,,,but they work.  

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Ladies and Gents

 Gordon Gibby, KX4Z has offered us a great little kit to release and its now ready!

This digital interface has all the bang with a great price.

On board 5v regulator that you can power from 12-13.8v or you can leave it off for direct 5v input.
Built in VOX PTT via reed relay
Input and Output gain control
Audio Isolation transformer 600:600ohm

The kits are available for 15$ or 20$ assembled



Shop is open!

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