Re: Nextion with KA78T05

MVS Sarma

Check , raduino with nextion miight need 1amp odd. You cant work at 100% with input 12 or 13.5v.

If the 7805 input is just 3v above what you said is understandable.

Better try a genuine 78s05 it might manage. 
All the best

Sarma vu3zmv

On Tue, 17 Sep 2019, 4:35 pm Razvan (M0HZH), <razvanfatu@...> wrote:
Why would you need another regulator ? The LM7805 is designed for 1A output and the 5" Nextion display + Raduino uses about 500mA (per specs).

You only need a heatsink for the LM7805.

This will be true for any other linear replacement you use (KA78T05 / 78S05 etc) as the dissipated power is the same.

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