Re: Nearly non-existent output power, no mod

Clark Martin

Additionally, for the SSB tests what was the AF signal source?

Clark Martin

On Sep 16, 2019, at 6:39 PM, Clark Martin <kk6isp@...> wrote:

Sorry, but you description below is akin to bad driving directions… (turn right at the green house, etc).  

It would be far easier and more accurate to specify where the signal was measured (and how).  
KT2-14  2.6V
using an RF probe and DC voltmeter

check on both sides of the filter (input and output) and on each of the contact pins of the relay in question.

Note: all the resistors connected to the driver and pre-drivers are “bias” resistors.  The 10 ohm would, presumably, be the emitter bias resistor.

You replaced the final transistors, did you readjust the bias pots (RV2, RV3)?

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