Digimode low power output

Adrien F4IJA

Hi all, 

My ubitx is assembled since two days and I am starting playing with it. 

I've flashed the board with Kd8cec fw and with the standalone WSPR beacon mode I'm able to have at least 20 reports in less than 5 minutes, sometimes very far (up to 10000km).

So I guess the transmit is OK. 

I've tried also to connect my radio to my computer with 2 Jacks (BTW on the transmit cable plugged to mic you need to isolate the ring otherwise the PTT will be triggered : I've used a very small piece of tape around the tip to make the job done). 

Anyway with this setup I receive quite well other stations but when I transmit I've difficulties to be heard by two stations in 30 minutes. 

So I guess transmit levels are not OK but everything has been set to 100 % (both windows audio out, TX pwr in wsjtx and set to 40dbm 10w).

Do you have any idea of what is going on? 

Thank you. 
Adrien F4IJA

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