Re: No answer in Antuino group

MVS Sarma

IMHO, no changes needed. Mixer's performance being same, perhaps insersion loss or gain could be a factor. Calibration should tahe care, in my opinion. 

Sarma vu3zmv

On Mon, 16 Sep 2019, 9:57 pm Rob Bleumer, <rob.bleumer@...> wrote:
Sep 11   

Hi All,
As there is no answer in the ANTUINO group my question here:

As I used SBL-1 instead of ADE-1 from my junk box I wonder if there are differences to make into the software.

They are not exactly the same on specs and I do not know enough on the software.

Can someone tell me if I have to make changes and where?
Attatched photos of my home build ANTUINO.



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