Re: Fix for Spurs and Harmonics on V3 Board

iz oos

About the 12mhz spur, the trap I believe is not that simple. Please let me know a good design without affecting the 30 and 20m bands. Checking it on my SDR receiver is really very low.

Il 16/set/2019 03:54, "Curt via Groups.Io" <> ha scritto:

I can speak to v3 and v4 because they are similar in this regard.

First on harmonics an effective solution involves more isolation in the relays selecting the low pass filters. I am using the external board now kitted by N8DAH. It should make your ubitx compliant on 80 to 17 meters, both cw and ssb. CW tends to be okay on these upper bands without a fix, but not ssb or data modes using the ssb math. An alternative scheme is removing the relays and replacing them with Axicom parts. This tends to be more complex work.

The remedy of the ssb spurs on the upper bands is more challenging. Possibly the Axicom relays may help here along with shielded inductors to replace the toroids at the 45 MHz crystal filter. Others add a second 45 Mhz crystal filter, but without others mods this approach doesn't work for me.

I suggest choosing one of these approaches for harmonics, and working the other matter later.


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