Fix for Spurs and Harmonics on V3 Board

Dale Hardin

I soon will be the owner of a v3 board.  After having read way too much information on correcting harmonics and spurs, I think the fixes come down to (1) replacing the relays and putting said replacements on the back side of the board and (2) inserting Farhan's low pass LC filter between the 45mhz IF and the D1,D2 mixer, increasing the 45mhz IF gain (to drown out the 12mhz coming in on CLK2), and a 12mhz trap installed after that mixer.  (Whew, that was a loong sentence)  I understand the first mod, but Farhan's mods as developed in v5 are not documented in (I don't think).  I note that several people have requested a kit of parts to make the fix.  Would some kind soul prepare a set of instructions and BOM for Farhan's v5 fix.  Lastly, are the above fixes likely to solve the harmonics and spurs issue? I really appreciate the work that preceeds this request and hope I can get my v3 board "up to snuff".  73 Dale 

Dale Hardin, KS4NS
Elberta, AL

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