Re: CEC firmware upgrade issues...

MVS Sarma

did you select 1602 in ubitx.h  at line 30 or so and deselect  nextion at line 35 or so, and save , before compiling?

all the best
sarma  vu3zmv

On Fri, Sep 6, 2019 at 6:14 AM Steven <wera106@...> wrote:
Thanks for the suggestions. I uploaded the CECFW 1.2 for my V5 board using the arduino IDE this evening. I had to choose the ATmega328P (old Bootloader), to upload - choosing ATmega328P resulted in an error and no upload. The result? Everything seemed to upload fine. But now my screen has 16 black rectangles on the top row, and nothing else, not even static..... Hmmmm.... I must be getting close. Any more suggestions for tomorrow night's session with the uBitX?

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