Re: New wiring diagram version

Jerry Gaffke

Looks good to me, I like seeing a separate relatively small fuse for the main board.
Anything goes wrong there, it is much more likely to blow the fuse before blowing something on the board.

Though as I suggested earlier, there are dozens of ways to do this right.
And even more strongly held opinions on how one should do it.


On Thu, Sep 5, 2019 at 02:27 PM, Adrien F4IJA wrote:
This setup gives me the possibility to choose on S2 weither to use an external PSU or not for PA PWR (if I'm a my QRA I'll have a PSU available, when on a hill only the battery).
I all cases, the battery is legacy to supply the uBitx and the uBitx is powered on by S1. Maybe it could be a good idea to have a 2 separate ways S1 to cut off both battery and PSU line).

Also, the D1 is in serie as proposed.

What do you think ?

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