Re: max PA PWR voltage ?

Murray Wills (ZL2IQ)

Hi. I am running mine on 13.8v with no problems.

Murray ZL2IQ.

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Subject: Re: [BITX20] max PA PWR voltage ?


Here is a thread where the person powered the whole uBitx from 15 volts and raised the output power substantially. 

This was an earlier revision, so should re-evaluate if any components on the new uBitx revision would be bothered by 15 volts. One older version of the uBitx, for example, had issues with the audio amp IC rupturing and expelling smoke above 12 volts. But that was due to a batch of flakey ICs.

Raising the voltage to the whole uBitx seemed to have some advantage by improving the gain through the intermediate RF stages driving the finals.

Tom, wb6b

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