T/R Relay sticking!


Hi all, whats your thoughts, while using wsjt-x for ft8 I have been noticing a peroid of not receive data on the water fall, until I click the tune button on and off. Then all works as it should. Noticed that when it is sticking (?) the sound of the relay un keying is real faint or quieter than normal. I beleive this is pointing to at sticky relay. This is a un moded V5 board and has been working flawlessy for several months of FT8 untill lately.  Is there any know quick/easy fix (often not worth it in the long term) or just replace it with the same brand and model number or one of the brand names that has been used for the low pass relay replacements ( something start with ax I think. So whats your thoughts, recomendations or other help or support,,, and many thanks for all on this group.

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