Re: UBitx v5 Not Saving Calibration or BFO adjustments with CEC v 1.20 Nextion

V Zecchinelli

Have you tried Memory Manager to see if anything changes?
I had problems at first because my changes didn't seem to take.
What I did:
Power off Ubitx and connect USB cable from Ubitx to PC
Start Memory Manager and press Connect to set communication with Raduino
Press Read From Ubitx
Press Decode and make note of calibration values
Shutdown Memory Manager and disconnect USB from PC
Power on
Make calibration changes and press PTT for about 2s and Calibration Set appears
Power down Ubitx and power on
Power down Ubitx and connect USB to PC
Start Memory Manager and again press Connect then Decode
Press  Read from Ubitx then press Decode
You should see your calibration values have changed

If values are not changing then there must be an issue with Nano I would suspect.
Hope this helps.


On 9/4/2019 4:43 PM, markix88@... wrote:
Thanks gary, yes i'ved tried to push ptt longer but nothing changed...yes i see "calibration set! Etc" message...on power on everything is lost...maybe a e2prom defect in the arduino? 

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