Re: UBitx v5 Not Saving Calibration or BFO adjustments with CEC v 1.20 Nextion

Gary Anderson

On Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 01:44 AM, Ian Reeve wrote:
I am sure you single push the encoder and not put to save settings
A quick look at the CEC 1.20 firmware!

code Snippet from void menuSetupCalibration:
//save the setting
  if (digitalRead(PTT) == LOW){
    printLineF1(F("Calibration set!"));
    printLineF2(F("Set Carrier now"));
    EEPROM.put(MASTER_CAL, calibration);
    delay_background(2000, 0);

Mark, are you seeing the text in the above printLines after you push PTT? (I think I'm in the correct place in the code)
You may want to try holding the PTT button down for a longer duration.
PTT is used as one way to break out of a while() loop, and it is re-read later in the code to 'save the setting'
(pushing the encoder 'function' button is the other way to break out of the while() loop, when you DON'T want to 'save the setting')
Potential of a glitch the way the code is written for a short push of PTT, but just think "hold PTT until I see 'Calibration Set'" or the corresponding message  for any of the menus.

I haven't tested the code, just looked over it. Easy code patch to propose to Ian, if issue solved by a longer hold on PTT.


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