Re: BitX40

Jerry Gaffke

The 8 pin connector plugs into the top of the Raduino as shown here:
and the green,purple,yellow wires from that connector are soldered to the tuning pot.

Make sure all the spare wires from that 8 pin connector have tape over the ends.
There have been several instances here where a Nano on the Raduino was destroyed
when one of those wire ends hit something with 12v on it, perhaps the IRF510 heatsink.


On Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 04:03 PM, Roger Tuffin wrote:
Sorry Jerry.  Looking at the schematic I meant tuning not volume.  Where do a connect the tuning pot on my board as I only have the 8 way connector other than the pins some of which I’m using for the 5 way connector?
Roger, M0TJK

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