Re: Nextion 3.5 current draw?

Jim Sheldon

Yes, that's actually the current draw for the nextion.  Also, the larger the Nextion, the more current it draws.  That's pretty much the same for all the color touch screen displays, even those that are non Nextion.  

TSW, in choosing our color touch screen displays for the BITeensio card (much faster than a Raduino with the NANO processor) and it uses the 2.8" or 3.2" ILI9341 based color touch screens.  We also can use the RA8875 based 5" displays, but there the current draw at 3.2V is around 750 mA and if you don't use lots of cooling air on the separate 3.2" regulator's big heat sink, it won't last very long so the largest display we fully support is the ILI9341 in 3.2" size.  It draws about 140 milliamps with the backlight on full and is still well within the capability of the onboard 3.2V regulator of the Teensy 3.6 MPU.  The nice thing about the 2.8 and 3.2" ILI9341 displays and our BITeensio card is that you can use either display interchangeably without changing software.  Depending on which of the displays you have, you might have to change cables to switch from the 2.8 to 3.2" displays though there are several out there that use the exact same connector on both the 2.8 and 3.2 versions.

The BITeensio can also handle both V4 and V5 uBITX radios with a menu selected change and calibration data is saved for each so if you should need to switch it between the two types, all you need do is touch up the calibration at the time you change.  No separate memory manager OR computer connection is required other than for reprogramming the Teensy 3.6 when needed or if you want to use CAT control.

See the Triumvirate Skonk Worx (TSW) website, for details on the BITeensio board kits.  (We don't supply the Teensy 3.6 or the display - that's up to the kit builder to decide).  There are other items on the TSW pages of interest to uBITX radio owners as well.

Jim, W0EB
TSW Project Coordinator

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I was reading an ad for the nextion 3.5 display that mentions current draw up to 500 ma. Is that actually the draw for the display? I may be sticking to the stock display.

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