Re: Nearly non-existent output power, no mod



I'll take a look at D1 & D2.


I don't recall the source though I've picked up two different batches off the Bay over time. I know eBay sources are to be distrusted, though the ones I've used so far at least work.


The curious thing is that the heat sinks are getting plenty hot. Something's making power but where is it going?  I now get maybe a watt out on 80, 40, and 30; up to maybe 2 on 20, then about nothing on 17 and 15.  The LPF relays get coil voltage seemingly [only] when they're supposed to have it.

I swapped out K3 (t/r relay) out of frustration, so at least it's now color-coordinated with the rest of the Axion blocks in that row :)   

I'll look at Raj's idea and come back.

Thanks, all.


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